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the blood sisters

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November 10th, 2004

08:49 pm
***Safika smiled as she looked down at Bracken comitting one of the inhuman crimes possible.
Bracken was startled she looked up, her senses didnt even pick up safika when safika didnt want to be found. Bracken smiled... "its just a souvernier"

Safika picked Bracken off the ground....
"we have to go, she's looking for us, we have to hurry, we have to help him"
Bracken looked at her confused
"whats going on??"

Suddenly safika straightened her back... her eyes were dodging all the trees as if searching for something.
Suddenly Safika's eyes changed colour, flashing yellow. Her expression changed, Bracken never so much anger radiating from this vampire. Safika threw her arm up and tightened her grip around Brackens throat. Bracken was in fear, she didnt understand.
"sorry bracken...its for the best" Safika looked so serious as her eyes burned into Brackens.
Her grip got tighter that Bracken felt pain was so sharp, but her head was spinning and could only feel fear of Safika. The life was leaving her.

Reivenne not too far away peered through the trees and smiled. "one less to think about" she thought as she turned her horse back for the castle.***

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04:29 pm - tadaaaaaaaaa
***The day wore on as Cherry sat by the fire reading from the book in her lap, the thought of rest, food or even her friends had not entered her mind. Mesmerised by the photographs and the delicate writing which danced across each page, her mind flooded with half memories, she tried to remember her mother, her father, her life. It was to much for her to take...no where to turn, no one to go to. Reivenne. She must find Reivenne
Reivenne stood at the edge of cliff, her arms spread, embracing the wind, her mind clear she began searching for the vampires...she had to find them, for Cherry's sake.

teeheehee thats was sooooo crap
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November 7th, 2004

08:54 pm
Reivenne slipped the keychain back into her pocket as she ran from the castle.
Left behind was Cherry, still thumbing through photograh books, completely ignorant of Reivennes dissapearence, being too caught up in half-recalled memories, and past days. This was exactly what Reivenne had hoped would happen.

Waiting in the forest, not far from the castle, a weakened vampyre lay in wait, attempting to fully recover her strength.
Safika tried to ignore the pain. The brief exposure to sunlight, in the basement, had left her skin singed and raw. Almost sensually, she drew out a wickedly sharp knife from her boot and ran her pale finger along it's edge..."Isn't it ironic," she thought, "That i can barely feel a knife being slashed into my stomach, and yet a few seconds in the sunlight can leave me so weakened? Well...even I cannot feel the agony of a knife cut... i know someone who will." And with that she listened, until she heard that which she was waiting for.

Back at the castle, Reivennes footsteps rang out into the air as she hurried through the courtyard. She knew the vampyres lay in wait. She would have to act quickly.

Safika stretched and rose from her crouched postion. Now that Reivenne was out in the open, she would be able to take care of two things in one blow...
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November 4th, 2004

12:17 am
and then they all died
the end

yeah shut up, its past midnight and mi brain has stopped functioning
ill get there eventually
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October 28th, 2004

04:20 pm - i've lost my mind....erin smelt my puppy
***"i shall leave you to think," reivenne said and with that she turned and left the room, pulling the giant oak doors closed behind her. The sun had set and her mind turned to the vampire Safika, awake no doubt and making her way to the castle or to this mysterious Bracken...who was she? "I must find her before Safika," she said to herself as she turned into a vast hallway, a chilling breeze swept past her as she felt in her pocket for a key. Her hands, trembling ever so slightly pushed the key into the lock....

Pushing the dirt from her jacket Bracken rose from the ground, her head aching uncontrollably from hunger and from the sceams which haunted her sleep. The moon was rising in the sky and not far away she could here men talking to themselves "time to feast," she thought. She began to run, speeding up with every step, the wind stung her face but her desire for blood was so strong she barely noticed. She reached the group of men just as they turned onto the road, the tent poles attached to their hikers backpacks glinting in the moonlight. She struck as silently as a breath, dragging her victim into the trees before the group realised that they were missing someone. She was scared, she hadn't fed without Safika before, she ran her finger along the vein in her victims neck, he was crying softly begging for mercy. He moaned as Bracken pierced his skin feeding off the sweet blood, for an age she lay in the arms of her dying victim. As she turned to leave she picked her victims ring from the ground and placed in on her finger "well well a souvenier"***

Well that was long...yeah
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October 27th, 2004

10:29 pm - hope you like gem gem, alysha's horse fish and .... erin (do we have any history homework?) lol
***”All monsters beware, my daughters will avenge me”. Cherry was confused, Reivenne smiled as she watched cherry reconsider everything she had believed in front of her locked memory that could never be recovered.

Safika woke as the heat of the ground began to disappear. She tore herself out of the ground, and headed away from the castle on the hill with super speed. Running through the shadows of the forrest, along the highlands into the cold desert. She was running but she also felt Bracken getting closer and closer. Bracken was very close but not in sight. Their hunger distracting their minds from other things. Like the other presence in the castle. A person full of misery and destruction. The one causing the spasms of pain to these vampires. ***

saf, pandora, fin,

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October 26th, 2004

11:10 pm
*** Reivenne felt terrible. the issue with the vampire had been most...unfortunate. She had underestimated Cherrys attatchment to the creature. But at least now cherry was beginning to realise where her true loyalties lay. She hed handed Cherry a book of photographs and drawings. Of their parents. Throughout the book were spells and quotes by thier mother. the book had been her most prized possession, before she had been taken. she watched as cherry thumbed through the pages, smiling at a quote here and there.
"that belonged to our mother, by the way" said reivenne
" i know," replied cherry. she had reached a page with a photograph of the two girls when they were much younger. there was a chubby, smiling toddler being held up by a young girl with a mop of dark curls covering her eyes.
"this is us?" asked cherry
"yes," replied Reivenne. "you were such a sweet baby"
Cherry kept turning the pages, feeling as though she was growing up for the first time. She had no recollection of her past, but as she looked at the photographs and read the notes in her mothers hand, she felt flashes of remebered happiness. She also felt, for the first time, a deep sense of loss.
She reached the last page, where the writing changed in to a more serious hand. There were splahes of moisture, as if someone had weeped over the pages.
It was an account of her mothers brutal death, written by her father. It told of how Reivenne had discovered her mothers body outside the castle, her throat torn and her head almost severed from her body by the vampire that had drained her. Pinned to the page was a small, hastily scribbled note, drenched in faded bloodstains. This note is what their mother had written as she lay dying. It read...***

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October 23rd, 2004

10:34 pm
omg hun im so sorry. having pets put down totally sucks. i really feel for you. so many of my pets have died. awwwwwwwwwwww *hugs for aly* at least you know shes not hurting anymore...*cries* damnit aly this totally sucks

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October 22nd, 2004

10:14 pm - i am the scare that triggers your fear
***Back in the castle, Reivenne watched Cherry with interest as she wrote on the frsoty windows. Letting out a chuckle she spoke, “You haven’t changed a bit have you?” Cherry looked over, snapping out of her dreamlike trance. “What?” she asked. Reivenne moved behind a large oak desk and sat on a ruby red velvet covered chair, beckoning cherry to sit on a similar one. Chery hesitated, before gingerly perching herself on the side. Reivenne smiled and leaned back. “You were always the loyal friend, wacthing out for everyone else… sometimes you seemed to be too innocent, too kind. I never bought it, although everyone else did… so what a shock they got when—“ she trailed off, staring out at the pure white snow, falling softly in the dawn air. “When what?” Chery prompted, leaning forward in her chair. Reivenne looked over at the girl, taking in her windswept hair, red cheeks and stained tears, clutching a worn cape around her shoulders. Reivenne stood up and walked over to a large oak wardrobe, taking out a warm black winter coat. She walked over to cherry and draped it around the shivering girl’s shoulders. Taken aback, Cherry looked up at the older girl and whispered a timid thank you. Reivenne only smiled as she walked back to the desk, pulling out a thick leather bound book with aged sepia pages and gold calligraphy across the front. Cherry peered over at it, and Reivenne, sensing her interest, handed it over carefully. The girl took it in her cold hands and stared at the old book, a wave of unfinished memories rushing through her head. Cherry let out a cry of pain and clasped her head in her hands. She could see a blur of faces, strangers to her young mind, although she felt she somehow knew them. Shaking her head, cherry looked up, her headache fading. “What are you trying to do to me?”
“I’m trying to make u remember” answered Reivenne.
“What is this book? Who are you...? Who am I?” Cherry asked, urgently. Reivenne smiled, “Listen closely and remember…” ***

Ahahaaa the unravelment (that is *so* a word) of mi past is coming up
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01:17 pm - Hahahahaha the gum in my mouth has no taste
*** For what seemed like hours Reivenne stood staring at Cherry. Cherry could feel her cold gaze but she refused to look at the woman who said she was her sister, the woman who drove the only person she had left away. Cherry knew that Safika would come back but she feared what Reivenne may do to her. “Cherry,” Reivenne commanded “You must come, you must learn about yourself, you must learn about me and you must learn about what your friend really is,” Cherry looked up, her eyes met with Reivennes and she let out a sob “I don’t want to, I want to be with Safika and then we must find Bracken…” She gasped, her hand at her mouth, “Bracken,” she thought. Reivenne looked at Cherry “Bracken?” she said. Cherry said nothing, she couldn’t tell Reivenne about Bracken, Safika was strong but Bracken she was only a fledgling. “Your thoughts linger on your companions,” Reivenne said “Safika is nothing, if she loved you she would be here now..but this Bracken, now she intruiges me, tell me more,” and against her will Cherry let herself be led up a flight of stairs and into a room with tall windows. She moved to the windows and looked out at the fresh snow which had begun to fall and in the mist on the windows she wrote Be Safe knowinfg somehow that Bracken and Safika would get the message.

The snow began to fall as Safika settled into the ground. As the began to sleep she thought of Cherry and new that she was safe even though she was with the mysterious Reivenne…but Bracken she may be dead. “I must find her,” Safika thought to herself as she fell asleep.

The voices swam through Brackens dreams…shrill screams coming from a place not far away, and Cherry…****

yes that will be all
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