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***"STOP!" cried the man reivenne sat, crouched next to the limp body… - the blood sisters

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November 23rd, 2004

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11:37 pm
***"STOP!" cried the man
reivenne sat, crouched next to the limp body of the vampire. She avoided touching the beast, the thought of it made her skin crawl. And yet there stood her own brother, dearer to her than life itself, and he was a vampire. How she despised their entire race. Her hatred had nurtured her throughout the years of waiting for Cherrys return, and caring for her brother had been her only task. How could she free him? She could not allow his kind to walk the earth. And yet, she could not kill him.
He stood there, towering over the crouched and limp figures before him. He stared into his younger sisters eyes, ignoring the blood he coud sense pounding through her veins. It sadenned him to see her so much like Reivenne.
"Vark," sobbed Cherry, his name ingrained in her memory, "Did you see what she did? SHE HAS TO PAY!"
"Dont you see, Cherry?" sighed Vark,"She has paid all along."
Reivenne shot him a glance at this.
"The scars she wears ar scars of her battles with my kind. Vampires." Reivenne shuddered involuntarily, and creeped away from Safikas still form. As Vark stepped towards Cherry, Reivenne pressed herself up against the wall to avoid contact with his flesh. This cut at his heart. His own sister could not bear the sight of him. And yet she had kept him alive all these centuries, hunting down all the vampires that had smelt him out, and draining herself of her own blood to keep him alive. Her blood had poisoned the other vampire girl, now safely hidden. Reivennes blood was infused with a hatred so potent it had burned Brackens insides, and poisoned her blood. Vark could only consume it safely because he shared that blood.
Cherry stood, watching her brother silently, tears leaving streaks of white down her dirty face. Her clothes lay in tatters, and yet she still carried with her the cloak lent to her by Reivenne, which she now used to cushion Safikas head. Her blood had seeped out and now stained the cloak.
"You have not suffered as i have, Cherry" whispered Reivenne, her vioce choked. "You have not watched your family fall, one by one. You havent discovered their bodies, torn apart like I have. You were lucky enough to have a vampire friend who would never betray you. I see that now. Safika was a loyal friend. But she is dead now. It is how it should be.Her kind does not deserve to walk the earth as we do."
Vark winced, her words like knives. He knew how hard it had been, and how she had struggled. He despised the vampire blood that coursed through his veins. Vampires had destroyed everything he loved. And now he was one of them.***

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[User Picture]
Date:November 24th, 2004 11:32 am (UTC)
did u guys really have to talk about my dead body... its discusting.

also the best character is dead :( she was the best! owell i have a feeling she may be back!!!
[User Picture]
Date:November 25th, 2004 05:46 am (UTC)
clearly we did, saf. and ur the one who wanted to die anyway

besides, i like dead flesh... a lot

na jk

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