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sorry it was fast - - the blood sisters

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November 22nd, 2004

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02:41 pm - sorry it was fast -
Cherry shrank back against the wall in fear. She didnt understand... why did they have to fight? What did they want? Safika was having fun, she smiled - her canines showing for Reivenne to see. Reivenne watching Safika her mind buzzing with thoughts on how to get Safika and keep Cherry.

Suddenly Safika stopped cirling, something was wrong. Bracken was at the top of the stairs - her eyes full of suffering. Reivenne smiled as Safika stared in horror, her laugh peirced their ears. Bracken fell to all fours and coughed up a red sticky liquid, she groaned with pain. Then coughed up some more, her blood was all over the stairs and was still coming.

Reivenne couldnt believe her luck, Cherry was horrified but the more she thought the more she felt helpless.
"safika, she tricked me." Bracken gasped for air as her body couldn't take the blood.
Safika took one look at Reivenne and picked up Bracken and started up the stairs, she ran as bracken only had maybe minutes till she would be too weak to keep conciousness. Safika ran through the halls with Bracken in her arms, Cherry started after them and Reivenne ran after cherry. Cherry lept up the stairs to help Bracken but Reivenne got up faster and faced Cherry.
"what do u think your doing?" Reivenne looked straight into Cherry's eyes,
"bracken?... bracken needs my.." cherry couldn't finish her sentence, she felt a strange loyalty to Rei, something only Reivenne could understand.

Safika was running, not knowing what was behind every corner, she had to find a way out, a way to get Bracken out of here. Safika turned left once she was four storeys up - she stopped as a man stood before her, he bared his canines showing he was one of them, one who could be trusted, the one Safika came here to save, the one who has been tortured for centuries.

Rei's brother took Bracken out of Safika's arms,
"she needs real blood, your blood"
Safika didn't think twice, she tore open her wrist with her teeth and let the blood drip down her arm onto Brackens lips. Bracken, in this mans arms, took Safika's wrist and held on fast.

Safika was weakening as Bracken was draining her blood, the poisen Bracken had taken was slowly being destroyed. Safika tore her wrist away when she couldn't let her have anymore. She could faintly hear Rei coming - "get her out of here" Safika shouted, the two vampires disapeared, Safika was still unsure if she could trust the man, but she knew she had no choice he had a connection with them - they could feel his pain. She turned around to see Reivenne, Cherry standing behind her. Her head was aching, she looked up at Rei, she was so dizzy. Safika fell on her knees, fighting to keep awake.

Cherry watched as Reivenne took a long spear from one of her ordaments on the wall and set it on fire with the lanten.
Cherry tryed so hard to make a noise but all that came out was a high sqeak as Rei thrust the firey spear straight through Safika's chest. Safika felt a shot of pain burning through her, all she could see was Reivenne's face, not smiling any more but content. Then she saw nothing.

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