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****"So," said Reivenne, "You think you can lock me in my own castle?… - the blood sisters

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November 21st, 2004

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06:56 pm
****"So," said Reivenne, "You think you can lock me in my own castle? Surely you must realise, this home holds secrets." She smiled to herself as she saw the faintest flicker of doubt in the vampires eyes, before the veil of anger slammed back into place.
Reivenne doubted that she would have the strength to beat the vampire in armed combat. She knew that Safika had fed recently, she could see the patches of half dried blood on the vampires clothes. It made her feel faintly sick. "There is no time for weakness," she thought, "This is going to be difficult."
Cherry sat slumped in the armchair, intently watching the two women try and stare each other down. The fur coat Reivenne ahd lent her could not warm her against the chill that had entered her heart. She knew that something momentous was about to happen.

At the opposite end of the castle, Bracken was becoming restless. She had locked and barrcaded the doors as Safika had asked, but she was growing weary of waiting. "Why should i have to always wait around for her?" Bracken thought. "Just because shes pure blood, and created me, doesnt mean she owns me." And with that, Bracken decided to disobey Safikas order, and began to wander around the rooms of the castle. Not long after this, she came across a room filled with locked cupboards. Bracken smiled to herself. "What could be som important that Reivenne would need to lock it away?" She muttered. She approached the nearest cupboard and examined it. The lock looked easy enough to pick, and so she set to work. Seconds later, the lock gave way, and the doors swung forward. Bracken gasped with delight when she realised what was within the cupboards. On each and every shelf, stacked tightly together, was vials and vials of fresh human blood.***

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Date:November 22nd, 2004 04:30 am (UTC)
stfu saf
its a hell awesome post and u know it
lol it OWNS!
nah actually its pretty crappy

btw, u wanna die, right? cos if so, how do i kill you?

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