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*** Safika motioned for Bracken to come forward. Bracken ran up… - the blood sisters

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November 16th, 2004

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07:52 pm
*** Safika motioned for Bracken to come forward. Bracken ran up beside her against the castle walls. They looked up, a few storys up, a window was being closed and the candles were blown out. Safika bent down and held Brackens foot, then flung her up a couple of windows up. Bracken held on the window sill and pulled herself in, opening the window slowly. She looked down to her friend who's eyes glinted yellow in the light. Bracken let down the rope and Safika climbed up as fast as she could, their bodies were weightless compared to their strength.

Down the halls the two vampires crept, seeing in the dark better than any other creature. Bracken and Safika went their separate ways. Safika strided down the hall suddenly smiling to herself at the elegance of the furniture and ordaments around every corner. She knew what she was doing, the blood she had fed on made her feel strong and confident.

Bracken snuck up the stairs to the south wing, she could sense him, just as Safika had said - a vampire, in Reivennes very own walls. She found the door, a heavy wooden one, brass handle, locked with something she couldn't see. There had to be another way.

Meanwhile in the Front hall Reivenne hooked her weapons to her belt,
"Cherry! If your going to help your loving sister you are going to have to..." Her sentence stopped, she saw Cherry's eyes shoot a glance, Reivenne spun around to see Safika standing smiling at her on top of the stairs.
Rei could not see any humour of the situation and clenched her fists. Through her teeth she wispered
Safika laughed, Cherry was astonished - Safika laughing?
Safika slowly stepped down the stairs,
"Rei, i dont know what you are, - but cant you see the comedy?"
"There is no comedy about it, Vampire, except that you will die"
"Hmm thats funny too, because if you havent noticed im already dead"
Safikas tone was mischeivious, somthing was up cherry thought, somthing.

Bracken struck the door hard with her fist, the door shuddered but didnt budge. The noise travelled down the halls until it reached the high defined ears of Safika, Reivenne and Cherry. Rei stared at Safika. Safika smiled back.
"Your not going anywhere, Rei."

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