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the blood sisters

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December 5th, 2004

07:03 pm
*** sudennly the thin girl reapeared and her and cherry did it.

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November 25th, 2004

02:45 pm
***Vark stood up and backed away from the small gathering, he feared what Reivenne may do, for he was the only one who really knew what she was capable of. A light snow had begun to fall and out of the corner of his eye he saw Cherry shiver "here" he said handing her a simple black travelling cloak. Cherry draped it over her shoulders and allowed herself to be led away,out of the room and into a draughty passage way. Vark pulled a thick cord and all most like magic a thin girl dressed in a drab shift dress appeared by her side "take Miss Cherry to the tower, make sure she is tended too." with that Vark turned and fled back to the great hall where Reivenne and the vampires were. Cherry numbly followed behind the thin girl, shivering slightly, they passsed a window and cherry could see the forest which she and her friends had passed through not a week beforem she allowed a single tear to roll down her cheek. they arrived at a thick oak door "your room" Cherry entered and turned to say thankyou but the thin girl was gone.

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November 23rd, 2004

11:37 pm
***"STOP!" cried the man
reivenne sat, crouched next to the limp body of the vampire. She avoided touching the beast, the thought of it made her skin crawl. And yet there stood her own brother, dearer to her than life itself, and he was a vampire. How she despised their entire race. Her hatred had nurtured her throughout the years of waiting for Cherrys return, and caring for her brother had been her only task. How could she free him? She could not allow his kind to walk the earth. And yet, she could not kill him.
He stood there, towering over the crouched and limp figures before him. He stared into his younger sisters eyes, ignoring the blood he coud sense pounding through her veins. It sadenned him to see her so much like Reivenne.
"Vark," sobbed Cherry, his name ingrained in her memory, "Did you see what she did? SHE HAS TO PAY!"
"Dont you see, Cherry?" sighed Vark,"She has paid all along."
Reivenne shot him a glance at this.
"The scars she wears ar scars of her battles with my kind. Vampires." Reivenne shuddered involuntarily, and creeped away from Safikas still form. As Vark stepped towards Cherry, Reivenne pressed herself up against the wall to avoid contact with his flesh. This cut at his heart. His own sister could not bear the sight of him. And yet she had kept him alive all these centuries, hunting down all the vampires that had smelt him out, and draining herself of her own blood to keep him alive. Her blood had poisoned the other vampire girl, now safely hidden. Reivennes blood was infused with a hatred so potent it had burned Brackens insides, and poisoned her blood. Vark could only consume it safely because he shared that blood.
Cherry stood, watching her brother silently, tears leaving streaks of white down her dirty face. Her clothes lay in tatters, and yet she still carried with her the cloak lent to her by Reivenne, which she now used to cushion Safikas head. Her blood had seeped out and now stained the cloak.
"You have not suffered as i have, Cherry" whispered Reivenne, her vioce choked. "You have not watched your family fall, one by one. You havent discovered their bodies, torn apart like I have. You were lucky enough to have a vampire friend who would never betray you. I see that now. Safika was a loyal friend. But she is dead now. It is how it should be.Her kind does not deserve to walk the earth as we do."
Vark winced, her words like knives. He knew how hard it had been, and how she had struggled. He despised the vampire blood that coursed through his veins. Vampires had destroyed everything he loved. And now he was one of them.***

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11:09 pm
*** silence filled the room as the vampire lay dead on the stone floor. A shriek echoed through the room as cherry lurched forward toward safika. Reivenne immediately held her hand out to keep Cherry from moving. This usually stopped her, but not this time. With a determined grimace twisting her face, Cherry struck her sister with remarkable force, causing Reivenne to land painfully on the floor with a cry. Cherry instantly ran to her friend’s side, tears welling up in her eyes. She wiped them away impatiently and reached a hand to safika’s shoulder. She had gone astonishingly cold. “NO!” screamed cherry, her high pitched voice resounding through the castle. Grabbing Safika’s shoulder, she pushed her onto her back, and was faced with the spear jutting from her chest. Without thinking, she grabbed hold of the spear and yanked it from Safika’s chest. Throwing it behind her, she pushed her friend into a sitting position. Her arms hung limp as her head bowed. Cherry felt her face crinkle up, but refused to break down. Someone was to blame for this, and she wouldn’t let them get away with it. Laying Saf’s head back onto the floor and running a hand over her eyes, shutting them, she turned slowly to face her sister who had picked herself up off the floor. Reivenne looked momentarily shocked at the intense expression on Cherry’s face, but soon covered it up with her normal calm mask.
“What did you expect?” she asked, smirking down at her distraught sister. “You don’t need her, you have me now and-…” Before she could finish, Cherry had lept up from the ground and forced her body weight into Reivenne’s stomach at incredible speed. Gasping, the older girl stumbled back a few steps, before sliding down the wall. Cherry twisted an iron bar from the wall and slowly approached her winded sister. She leaned down close to her, holding the bar threateningly close to her neck. “You’ll regret this” she vowed, an evil glimmer flashing through her green eyes. Reivenne clasped her eyes shut in anticipation, as Cherry prepared for the strike. Suddenly, a voice broke the thick tension. “Cherry?” The voice belonged to a man and Cherry slowly turned, first seeing Bracken, leaning against him for support. As she caught sight of his face, the dawn of recognition rose in Cherry’s eyes, and the iron bar dropped, forgotten…***
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November 22nd, 2004

02:41 pm - sorry it was fast -
Cherry shrank back against the wall in fear. She didnt understand... why did they have to fight? What did they want? Safika was having fun, she smiled - her canines showing for Reivenne to see. Reivenne watching Safika her mind buzzing with thoughts on how to get Safika and keep Cherry.

Suddenly Safika stopped cirling, something was wrong. Bracken was at the top of the stairs - her eyes full of suffering. Reivenne smiled as Safika stared in horror, her laugh peirced their ears. Bracken fell to all fours and coughed up a red sticky liquid, she groaned with pain. Then coughed up some more, her blood was all over the stairs and was still coming.

Reivenne couldnt believe her luck, Cherry was horrified but the more she thought the more she felt helpless.
"safika, she tricked me." Bracken gasped for air as her body couldn't take the blood.
Safika took one look at Reivenne and picked up Bracken and started up the stairs, she ran as bracken only had maybe minutes till she would be too weak to keep conciousness. Safika ran through the halls with Bracken in her arms, Cherry started after them and Reivenne ran after cherry. Cherry lept up the stairs to help Bracken but Reivenne got up faster and faced Cherry.
"what do u think your doing?" Reivenne looked straight into Cherry's eyes,
"bracken?... bracken needs my.." cherry couldn't finish her sentence, she felt a strange loyalty to Rei, something only Reivenne could understand.

Safika was running, not knowing what was behind every corner, she had to find a way out, a way to get Bracken out of here. Safika turned left once she was four storeys up - she stopped as a man stood before her, he bared his canines showing he was one of them, one who could be trusted, the one Safika came here to save, the one who has been tortured for centuries.

Rei's brother took Bracken out of Safika's arms,
"she needs real blood, your blood"
Safika didn't think twice, she tore open her wrist with her teeth and let the blood drip down her arm onto Brackens lips. Bracken, in this mans arms, took Safika's wrist and held on fast.

Safika was weakening as Bracken was draining her blood, the poisen Bracken had taken was slowly being destroyed. Safika tore her wrist away when she couldn't let her have anymore. She could faintly hear Rei coming - "get her out of here" Safika shouted, the two vampires disapeared, Safika was still unsure if she could trust the man, but she knew she had no choice he had a connection with them - they could feel his pain. She turned around to see Reivenne, Cherry standing behind her. Her head was aching, she looked up at Rei, she was so dizzy. Safika fell on her knees, fighting to keep awake.

Cherry watched as Reivenne took a long spear from one of her ordaments on the wall and set it on fire with the lanten.
Cherry tryed so hard to make a noise but all that came out was a high sqeak as Rei thrust the firey spear straight through Safika's chest. Safika felt a shot of pain burning through her, all she could see was Reivenne's face, not smiling any more but content. Then she saw nothing.

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11:37 am
***Thousands of Brackens stared back at the vampire as she stood infront of the cabinet, her face refelected in every vile. "blood?" she whispered to know one in particular "and all mine...Safika must never now...if she does she'll want it all for herself,". Bracken reached out to take one of the crimson viles from it's place in the cabinet, as her fingers closed around the vile she stopped...she couldn't...she didn't want too. But as she thought these thoughts something made her place the vile of warm blood to her lips and something...some power made her drink

"Rei...Rei...Rei..." Safika said playfully
"my name" Reivenne paused, collecting her thoughts "Is Reivenne"
"So it is, a common mortal name, named after your grandmother no doubt..."
"How did you know...." reivenne trailed off, not wanting to give anything away. Cherry stood against the wall, watching the two women circle one another, caught in a dance with no end....
Reivenne looked at her helpless sister "oh but my Cherry....there is always an end"

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November 21st, 2004

06:56 pm
****"So," said Reivenne, "You think you can lock me in my own castle? Surely you must realise, this home holds secrets." She smiled to herself as she saw the faintest flicker of doubt in the vampires eyes, before the veil of anger slammed back into place.
Reivenne doubted that she would have the strength to beat the vampire in armed combat. She knew that Safika had fed recently, she could see the patches of half dried blood on the vampires clothes. It made her feel faintly sick. "There is no time for weakness," she thought, "This is going to be difficult."
Cherry sat slumped in the armchair, intently watching the two women try and stare each other down. The fur coat Reivenne ahd lent her could not warm her against the chill that had entered her heart. She knew that something momentous was about to happen.

At the opposite end of the castle, Bracken was becoming restless. She had locked and barrcaded the doors as Safika had asked, but she was growing weary of waiting. "Why should i have to always wait around for her?" Bracken thought. "Just because shes pure blood, and created me, doesnt mean she owns me." And with that, Bracken decided to disobey Safikas order, and began to wander around the rooms of the castle. Not long after this, she came across a room filled with locked cupboards. Bracken smiled to herself. "What could be som important that Reivenne would need to lock it away?" She muttered. She approached the nearest cupboard and examined it. The lock looked easy enough to pick, and so she set to work. Seconds later, the lock gave way, and the doors swung forward. Bracken gasped with delight when she realised what was within the cupboards. On each and every shelf, stacked tightly together, was vials and vials of fresh human blood.***

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November 16th, 2004

07:52 pm
*** Safika motioned for Bracken to come forward. Bracken ran up beside her against the castle walls. They looked up, a few storys up, a window was being closed and the candles were blown out. Safika bent down and held Brackens foot, then flung her up a couple of windows up. Bracken held on the window sill and pulled herself in, opening the window slowly. She looked down to her friend who's eyes glinted yellow in the light. Bracken let down the rope and Safika climbed up as fast as she could, their bodies were weightless compared to their strength.

Down the halls the two vampires crept, seeing in the dark better than any other creature. Bracken and Safika went their separate ways. Safika strided down the hall suddenly smiling to herself at the elegance of the furniture and ordaments around every corner. She knew what she was doing, the blood she had fed on made her feel strong and confident.

Bracken snuck up the stairs to the south wing, she could sense him, just as Safika had said - a vampire, in Reivennes very own walls. She found the door, a heavy wooden one, brass handle, locked with something she couldn't see. There had to be another way.

Meanwhile in the Front hall Reivenne hooked her weapons to her belt,
"Cherry! If your going to help your loving sister you are going to have to..." Her sentence stopped, she saw Cherry's eyes shoot a glance, Reivenne spun around to see Safika standing smiling at her on top of the stairs.
Rei could not see any humour of the situation and clenched her fists. Through her teeth she wispered
Safika laughed, Cherry was astonished - Safika laughing?
Safika slowly stepped down the stairs,
"Rei, i dont know what you are, - but cant you see the comedy?"
"There is no comedy about it, Vampire, except that you will die"
"Hmm thats funny too, because if you havent noticed im already dead"
Safikas tone was mischeivious, somthing was up cherry thought, somthing.

Bracken struck the door hard with her fist, the door shuddered but didnt budge. The noise travelled down the halls until it reached the high defined ears of Safika, Reivenne and Cherry. Rei stared at Safika. Safika smiled back.
"Your not going anywhere, Rei."

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November 11th, 2004

10:21 pm
*** cherry sat in the large oak chair, wiping the crystal tears from her bright eyes. looking down at the book for the last time, she carefully placed it on the desk before her, smiling in spite of herself. sighing, she stood up and walked to the window, a thousand memories and images flashing through her mind. cherry stared out into the midnight blue sky, moonlight streaming through the wispy clouds. she flinched briefly, as the moon reavealed itself completely, lighting up the sky with streaks of pure white. her eyes burned as a strangely familiar sensation swept through her body. startled, cherry instinctively shut her eyes and turned away, until the moon had hidden itself and the sky turned black once again. confused, yet conforted, cherry clasped her shaking hands around the brass handles and pushed the window open, letting the cool, srisp night air stream into the room. looking down, cherry peered into the lush forest. something caught her eye, the figure of a girl streaming through the trees at a remaekable pace.
cherry gasped 'safika...'. spinning around, she ran to the door, but before she could open it, reivenne has stepped inside, her hair windswept and her face twisted into a smirk.
cherry jumped slightly then stepped back. she opened her mouth to tell her about safika, before realising that would only make the situation worse.
'what's wrong darling?' asked reivenne, walking over to the window and locking it shut. 'you dont want to catch a cold now do you?'.
cherry shook her head and looked down at the group, trying to stop the hot tears from escaping her sad eyes.
'i miss them so much' she mumbled. reivenne turned bak to look over at cherry. 'our parents?' she asked.
'no... safika and bracken...' cherry answered.
a glint shone in reivenne's eye as she strode over to cherry, grabbing her by the arm and forcing her to look her in the eye.
'don't you EVER speak those names again, do u understand me?'
cherry was taken aback by her agressiveness, but simply nodded.
'stay here' said reivenne. 'i have a plan, and you're going to help me, understand?' she waited for cherry's feeble reply, before striding out the room and down the hall.
cherry simply watched on... feeling helpless

whoa thats kinda long
mi bad
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06:10 pm
"Its for the best..."
The only sound Bracken could make was soft gurgles and chokes.
Brackens face paled as she felt the stronger womans grip slowly crush her vocal cords, and from then she suffocated silently. Safika couldnt even look her in the eye, and Bracken was sad, so sad. Even though she had betrayed them, she hadnt thought that her betrayal would cost her her life...

"One less to think about..." Reivenne thought as she swept off into the forests darkness. Her feet made no sound as they propelled her back towards the castle. A few hours later, she realised that Cherry was on her own, unprotected. 'Not that she really needs it" thought Reivenne smugly. But even so, she felt uneasy about the younger girl, ad increased her pace. As she ran, a though came to her...."why?" And with that, she turned around.

Safika felt as though her arms were dead weights at her side. She didnt even glance back at Brackens crumpled form as she walked away.

Reivenne finally made it back to where the vampyres murder had taken place. A body lay limp on the ground. Cautiously, she approached it. The blood was everywhere, and part of the victims throat lay, ripped out, a few feet from the body. The man hadnt stood a chance. Reivenne had found the grisly remains of one of Brackens victims. But she could not find the body of the vampyre herself. Her eyes narrowed as the realisation hit home. She had been fooled. She was never fooled. This would make her revenge on the two vampyres even more sweet. "No," she thought..."Not on TWO vampyres...On ALL of their race"
And so her vendetta had begun. She headed back towards the castle, but not fot Cherrys sake. She had to prepare for the hunt.
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