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*** cherry sat in the large oak chair, wiping the crystal tears from… - the blood sisters

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November 11th, 2004

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10:21 pm
*** cherry sat in the large oak chair, wiping the crystal tears from her bright eyes. looking down at the book for the last time, she carefully placed it on the desk before her, smiling in spite of herself. sighing, she stood up and walked to the window, a thousand memories and images flashing through her mind. cherry stared out into the midnight blue sky, moonlight streaming through the wispy clouds. she flinched briefly, as the moon reavealed itself completely, lighting up the sky with streaks of pure white. her eyes burned as a strangely familiar sensation swept through her body. startled, cherry instinctively shut her eyes and turned away, until the moon had hidden itself and the sky turned black once again. confused, yet conforted, cherry clasped her shaking hands around the brass handles and pushed the window open, letting the cool, srisp night air stream into the room. looking down, cherry peered into the lush forest. something caught her eye, the figure of a girl streaming through the trees at a remaekable pace.
cherry gasped 'safika...'. spinning around, she ran to the door, but before she could open it, reivenne has stepped inside, her hair windswept and her face twisted into a smirk.
cherry jumped slightly then stepped back. she opened her mouth to tell her about safika, before realising that would only make the situation worse.
'what's wrong darling?' asked reivenne, walking over to the window and locking it shut. 'you dont want to catch a cold now do you?'.
cherry shook her head and looked down at the group, trying to stop the hot tears from escaping her sad eyes.
'i miss them so much' she mumbled. reivenne turned bak to look over at cherry. 'our parents?' she asked.
'no... safika and bracken...' cherry answered.
a glint shone in reivenne's eye as she strode over to cherry, grabbing her by the arm and forcing her to look her in the eye.
'don't you EVER speak those names again, do u understand me?'
cherry was taken aback by her agressiveness, but simply nodded.
'stay here' said reivenne. 'i have a plan, and you're going to help me, understand?' she waited for cherry's feeble reply, before striding out the room and down the hall.
cherry simply watched on... feeling helpless

whoa thats kinda long
mi bad
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[User Picture]
Date:November 12th, 2004 10:25 am (UTC)
...wiping the crystal tears from her bright eyes??? lmao aly youre so frikn emo i swear
ahh but that was good
[User Picture]
Date:November 12th, 2004 01:40 pm (UTC)
YES! fear mi emo ness xD
i felt like being lame and it was late, so in the words of the flanny... deal with it xP

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